Door Lock Reinforced Security

Locksmith Reno Schlage B660 deadboltLock bumping is a procedure used by professional locksmiths and unfortunately burglars as well in order to defeat various types of locks. Among the list of locks that can be defeated by bumping is a deadbolt as well. However, lock systems like the Schlage B660 which have the Primus Controlled Access cylinder have been proven to be highly resistant against bumping and lock picking as well even by trained professional locksmith Reno companies. Such deadbolt is furnished with a MAG 747 High-Security Box Strike Plate and a Don-Jo reinforce that has perfect fitment around the deadbolt to prevent the entryway from splitting.

Such deadbolt went through a series of testing which included a two-minute sledge hammering, screwdriver tampering attempts, pry bars, and more. Nothing was able to defeat this type of deadbolt. The one time this deadbolt was defeated was following two months of attempts by the designer of the lock. A locksmith test on various reputable security lock systems indicated how just the Schlage B660 out of all brands of deadbolts passed with flying colors the most harsh series of tests.

Choosing the right door for your home plays just as important role in your home security as a reliable deadbolt. A traditional residential type steel clad entryway has 24 gauge steel with a wood lock square center. The more grounded steel clad entryways have base of solid wood, the better. In the event that you decide to go with a wood material entryway, solid hardwood without recessed panels is highly recommended. The addition of a reinforced door frame will ensure high level of endurance against forced entry.

In case you’re going for a door that has glass inserts on it, make sure the glass inserts are reinforced, small and/or far away from the lock itself to prevent from intruders breaking the glass and reaching in to unlock the door from the inside. The size of the glass inserts should not be more than 96 square inches and located 35 inches away the minimum from the deadbolt. Strong glass with a solid frame should be highly considered as well.

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